Incredible Moment when a Woman Gave Birth While on Their Way to the Hospital

  What would you feel if your wife (if you’re a man) or you (if you’re a woman) suddenly started to give birth while you are on your way to the hospital? You must have been bewildered, confused, disturbed, startled, and happy yet panicking inside the car, right? You probably might have felt a lot of emotions rushing towards you, but everything would have felt alright the moment that you saw your baby crying while on your arms.

  There are a lot of instances in which a woman would give birth in a car, an ambulance, or even on a bus or train. Some even had to give birth while celebrating New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and even Christmas Day which is considered all in all a blessing for everyone.
  A lot of parents even had to name their babies related to the events in which their baby was given birth to. Like for example, your baby was born on Valentine’s Day, so you’ll end up using the name related to Valentines, such as Rose, Juliet, Romeo, Valentine, Venus, Cupid, Love, Heart, and even Eros.

Did you know that there are two (2) types of childbirth?

1. Vaginal Delivery

  Vaginal Delivery is the most common way of giving birth and it involves three (3) stages of labor. These are the shortening and opening of the cervix, the descent, and birth of the baby, and last is the delivery of the placenta.
  On the first stage which is the shortening, it will last from twelve (12) to nineteen (19) hours. The first stage will only begin when the pregnant woman feels that her abdomen is cramping a bit, as well as the back pains that could last to half a minute which would occur from every ten (10) to thirty (30) minutes. Once the cramp pains become much stronger over time, that’s where the second stage will go through.

  On the second stage (birth of the baby) it could take from twenty (20) minutes to two (2) hours. Since the second stage is about the birth of the baby, the pushing stage will start in which contractions may happen while you’re trying to give birth to your baby.
  And the third stage (delivery of the placenta) can take to five (5) minutes to thirty (30) minutes. On this stage, since the baby is finally born it is generally recommended to delay the clamping of the umbilical cord for at least a span of one (1) minute. Why? It’s because the professionals can treat small risks of jaundice (or icterus, yellowish or greenish pigmentation of the skin, as well as whitish pigmentation of the eyes which is due to the bilirubin levels.

2. Caesarean Section

  Caesarean Section is only recommended for those that have cases of having twins, the breech position of the baby, as well as alarming signs of distress of the baby. It’s just that having this kind of childbirth could take much longer to heal than the Vaginal Delivery.
  Sounds tough right? But giving birth to your own baby could really make you feel accomplished and fulfilled. Yes, you are tired, but when you get to hug your baby, all those fatigues that you felt while giving birth will surely fade away.
The videos below will surely amaze you on how this woman gave birth while they were on their way to the hospital!

Here's another (clearer) one!